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Welcome. If you are a trader or aspiring to be one take a look around and you´ll find some useful articles, videos and resources. Hopefully you´ll find something of interest. 

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Whatever any trading course tells you, the simple fact is that trading is not easy. Many fall by the wayside at the start of their trading careers because I believe many assume it is an easy way to riches, most likely because they have been fed a line by unscrupulous trading ´educators´. 


Conversely it is also not rocket science as the basis of all good and profitable trading stems from one thing: understanding support and resistance. Trading may be complex but it need not be complicated.


So while a good grasp of technical analysis, chart patterns, risk, money management and price action are essential, (as well as a basic appreciation of macro economics in my opinion ) being able to ´see´ support and resistance in the context of the trading session and / or instrument you are trading is the core skill you need to learn to make money.


Only by understanding ´context´ and what constitutes support and resistance will you be able to anticipate what might come next and start to think in terms of probability. There is no short cut. It takes time, energy and commitment. Perhaps the most complicated thing you will have to address is the tricky problem, unique to trading, of the psychological pressure trading will put you under. 


Taking action to address what you need to know and learn at the outset of your trading journey will provide the best foundation for success. Once you have started to acquire this, practice will help to build your confidence. Putting it all together through execution time and time again will make you a trader. 

If you would like to know more give me a shout and we can have a chat to see if I can help get you on the right path. You can always get me on mark@markwogan.com




First up a few things you should know:

  • There are no silver bullets that will make you a millionaire trader overnight. Its down to you.   

  • There is no ´holy grail´ set up or trade. Keeping things simple using Support and Resistance is as much the holy grail of trading as you are likely to find.

  • There are no secrets held by the financial ´illuminati´ which, if you knew, would instantly turn you into a megastar trader. You´d be surprised how many normally sane people fall for this. Nothing further to be said here.

  • You can check your charts for a few minutes while you´re in bed every morning or on the beach and make a fortune. No you cant - get real. This is a tough job - if you are not up for some hard labour - forget it.

  • Wherever you see the words Lifestyle or a picture of a Gucci shopping bag and a Lambo - well, what can I say - if you fall for that you really should consider something other than trading :). 

Anyway, just thought I would mention them.



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