" Thanks Mark. The method you present works great. Your book and ´Markets in Profile´ (by James Dalton) is            the best book on trading I have read. Very practical". Pawel G. Poland

 " Mark, thanks for your help with my trading. I bought your book hoping it would help me get some clarity and                      consistency to my trading. It certainly has and I find myself referring back to it every few days to remind me of  how I should    be thinking."  John P. Australia

Thinking is easy, acting is difficult and to put ones thoughts into

action is the most difficult thing in the world.

Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe




Forex and Index Trading - Heads Up

Welcome. If you´re a trader take a look around and you´ll find some useful information. I keep adding example set ups and further articles when I get the time so hopefully you´ll find something of interest. 

If you´d like some help in learning how to trade read my How to Day Trade ebook. It provides a step by step guide covering the foundations and core concepts of trading to day trading process and method. Based on my 1 to 1 coaching session notes, it comprises 165 pages including over 70 chart and trade examples. In a clear and concise manner it sets out a route map for newcomers to get started in the business and for existing traders to improve their edge. Remember, if you want to get to the top in any business, sport or endeavour, nothing beats ´match´ practice and constant training. Learn what to do first - then do what you know and keep sharpening your skills all the time!  













If you´re wondering why I´m quoting Goethe above rather than some tired old trading cliche its because it sums up a key issue in trading, i. e. it´s much easier to be a thinker / analyst than a doer / trader and have to deal with the consequences, risk and uncertainty of your actions. Sure, you first have to learn the analysis part but with guidance and practice it´s not too difficult to spot where the ´best´ opportunities lie.  However, its one thing to be able to analyse your charts, its another thing to trade them. 

The gold is in taking action, not in the analysing! 

And while you´re here - a few more words to the wise!

  • Trading can be very rewarding, financially and personally. It really can change your life - but you have to make sure its not for the worse! It is not the get rich quick scheme many suggest. To achieve your goals like anything else in life, you have to put in the work and learn the business from the ground up. Jump in blindly and you´ll lose your money - it is as simple as that.

  • There are no silver bullets that will make you a trader overnight. Its down to you and it takes time and effort.   

  • There is no ´holy grail´ set up or trade. There is a holy grail aspect to trading and that´s more to do with Process and Execution.

  • Trading is not simple, clear cut or straightforward - nothing in trading fits that description and anyone pitching 100% certainty is is 100% lying. The thing is you just have to accept that this is what trading is, adapt your mind to the reality and use it to your advantage. Once you do that, you´ll stop trying to ´fight´ the market and be comfortable going with it instead.     

  • The above said, trading doesn´t have to be complicated. It is complex but once you understand the context you are trading in, and have a strategy and process that accommodates for it, it needn´t be complicated  

  • There are no secrets held by the financial ´illuminati´ which, if you knew, would instantly turn you into a megastar trader. You´d be surprised how many normally sane people fall for this. Nothing further to be said here.

  • You can check your charts for a few minutes while you´re in bed every morning or on the beach and make a fortune. No you cant - get real. This is a professional business - if you are not able to be likewise - forget it.

  • Wherever you see the word Lifestyle or a picture of a Gucci shopping bag and or a Lamborghini - well, what can I say - if you fall for that you really should consider something other than trading :).

  • Trading signals delivered via Instagram, Telegram, email, Whatsapp or whatever won´t ever work - the only thing that works is to learn to trade yourself. 

  • At the end of the day your success will not be down to any external factor it will be down to your personality, your confidence and your ability to focus on Doing What You Know to achieve your goals.

  • And finally, you have to develop an independently minded approach. Blindly trying to follow someone else´s strategy without internalizing that approach and adapting it to what suits you best will only lead to failure. You have to ´own´ it and make it your approach. Only then will you actually start to understand it, believe it, trade it and make money from it. Add this to preparation, discipline and patience and you´re on the right track.  

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