1 to 1 Coaching

If you are new to trading (or want to improve), without doubt, the best way to get the level of knowledge and proficiency you need is to learn it 1 to 1 from someone who trades for a living.


Trading ´educators´ who don´t trade full time simply don´t have the skin in the game practical experience that is vital to understand how this business really works. While they may know the theory, as I´ve said elsewhere, the gold is only to be found in real-time live trading action and performance. 


Using face to face Skype /Zoom sessions we will cover what you need to know, discuss why its important and how to employ it profitably. Detailed coaching content is noted below.


1 to 1 allows you can ask detailed questions about any aspect of trading to make sure you fully understand on a nuanced and personal level so that the answers are specific to you and fit your own needs in a way no other method of trading education can provide.

We take it from the basics to build a firm foundation through to live real time trading where I show you how I plan my day and what, why and exactly how I trade and execute my plan. 


For more information email me at mark@markwogan.com and we can fix up a chat online to discuss what you might be looking for and whether or not I think my coaching can help.

I´m not interested in trying to sell you anything you may not need or be looking for. I know I can teach you what you have to know and do to be successful and give you a strategy that will work from day 1, but, trading is much more than that so its always best to have a chat before we get going.


And you also need to know who you are dealing with - whether I´m some kind of shyster or whatever lol - so it gives you a chance to check me out first.

Btw - It doesn´t matter where you are in the world - we can always fix up a convenient time for 1 to 1 sessions. The flags opposite show where some past ´students´ ( a few of whom are now Full Time traders) are based. 


Your road to trading success.



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 " If anyone is thinking about a trading teacher I can say I 100% recommend  Mark. He (teach) me everything I need to know and more about myself from the hand of experience. If you are looking for secrets he will tell there are no secrets - just knowledge, process, execution and performance :) ! "  Sergio G. Spain

Coaching Content 

1 Basics & Core Concepts  

  • Understanding what trading is and setting realistic goals and expectations

  • What to trade (Forex, indices, fixed income, crypto, commodities)

  • Who to trade with (which and what types of brokers etc.)

  • When to trade (opening sessions, times of the day, day of the week, news events)

  • Types of trading to suit your circumstances (position, swing, day and scalp trading / mechanical vs. discretionary) 

  • Types of contracts (Futures vs CFD´s)  

  • Who is in the market with you - Liquidity Providers / participants, The CoT Report and why you need to know this 

  • Intermarket Analysis / Relationships, Bonds & Yields and why you need to know this

  • The VIX (quick overview)

  • Options, overview and expiries


2 Money and Risk Management   

  • Understanding risk

  • Risk : reward analysis (trade sizing, stop losses, fixed $ R)

  • Journals & Stats that help you keep a good record of performance and help you improve.

  • Margins and leverage

3 Chart & Price Analysis 

  • Fundamental & Technical analysis. Macro to micro.

  • Analysis Methods, Tools & Indicators. Alternative chart studies (Volume Profile, Market Profile etc.)

  • Support & Resistance (higher & lower time frame analysis, how to mark up charts, how to use them)

  • Price action analysis, how to read a chart to anticipate what might come next

  • Market structure (how to interpret it and use it)

  • Diagonal trend lines (how to draw, interpret & use)

  • Fibonacci (how & when to use)

  • Context (how to assess what driving the markets, what this might mean for your trading and understanding how to utilize it)


4  Pattern Analysis 

  • Key Pattern set ups, formation and how and when to trade them

  • Trending versus ranging patterns; break outs, false breaks, continuation, re tests, pullbacks, gap & go etc.  

  • Deciding which works best for you and when to use them

  • Candles, structure and formation and how to interpret 


5  Psychology & Mindset

  • Understanding yourself and your attitude to risk

  • How to identify destructive habits and correct them

  • How to check whether your issue is your mindset or your method

  • How to trade with control and not with your emotions

  • Six Points of control - check list to keep you out of trouble

  • Developing the right mindset and how to find your niche.  

6  Day Trading Strategy 

  • Guiding Principles for developing a method and strategy that works for you 

  • What I do every day, how I set up my charts, plan my trades and trade my plan 

  • Trade selection- entries, exits and trade management 

  • Assessing daily context everyday - trending, ranging, accumulation, distribution.

  • Scenario analysis for intraday trades, "what if" methodology & process 

  • Screen set up options

  • Forex day trading

  • Indices day trading, pre open analysis, where opportunities lie for any given day & reading the tape as price action evolves for intraday set ups

  • Live "real time" trading 

  • Further thoughts

  • How to turn what I do into what you do

  • Conclusion & Action Plan