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Hi. Thanks for taking the time to look around my site.


I have a BA (Hons) in Economics and started my trading career in 2000 after selling my data and market analysis business. I started off by managing my own investment portfolio and a few years later I opened my first trading account and have been trading ever since.  


I don´t have a ´classical´ trading background (if there is such a thing) i.e. not having worked in the banking/finance sector before. But being from a data and analysis background helped in spending the 000´s of hours in front of my screens watching how price moves. 

Whichever way you learn this business and whatever you´ve done before there´s no getting away from the fact that you have to put the time in. You can get a leg up by being taught by someone who knows their way around but at the end of the day the more time you spend at the charts, the better you´ll be.


On top of the hours at the screen, I also spent a lot of time learning from other traders who knew the score and I read everything I could lay my hands on. Some of it was highly informative and useful some not so much but worth the read anyway. In the end, I narrowed everything down to what made intuitive sense to me and went with my instincts. 


Best move I ever made! 

I trade full time and only teach a few people a year. But I do like the personal interaction of showing someone the ropes and no one is just one thing in life. I enjoy writing and teaching, both give me a buzz and with regards to teaching, its a real thrill to see people reaching the light bulb moment.