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Most new traders find it tough to get to the point where they have enough knowledge and understanding to be confident enough to trade and make money. There is just so much ´education´out there its difficult to know where to start (and when to stop looking - but that's another issue). If you are at this point read on.

Why 1 to 1?


I believe it´s the most effective way to learn. There are plenty of education providers, webinars and subscription services you can join and loads of videos to slog your way through on YouTube etc. and indeed, some of them are very good if from a credible source. 

But you´re unlikely to find answers to the many questions you will have once you really start to get into the details of trading. To do this you need someone you can ask questions of on a nuanced and personal level so that the answers fit your own needs, style of trading and individual circumstances.


Using face to face skype sessions with real time charts (both mine and yours) we can spend however long you want over whatever time frame makes sense to you. However, its best to try and cover the bulk of the coaching over an intensive two week period spending 1 to max 2 hours a day. After that I´ll be there to support you for however long you want. I am always here to help, advise, answer questions and or to trade with everyday (in my trade room - free btw). 

In terms of cost I keep it as low as I can but you should budget around £250 for a minimum of 5 hours. I am mindful of costs as for some it is a big issue but I know you will find it excellent value and it will definitely improve your trading. Similarly if you simply want to take an hour or two initially to cover specific issues we can also discuss this.  

For more information email me at mark@markwogan.com and we can fix up a no obligation introductory chat on Skype. If you want to go ahead we can take it from there.  

To give you a flavour of what we will cover see below: 

1 Basics - The ´W´s (Dependent on experience)

  • What to trade (instruments, time frames),

  • Where to trade (Brokers etc.)

  • When to trade (times of the day, day of the week, news events),

  • How to trade (position, swing and scalp trading and realistic expectations )   

  • Who is in the market with you - participants and why you need to know this 

  • Why in all of the above and just as importantly the key reasons for failure in each aspect.

2 Money and Risk Management (Dependent on experience)

  • Risk:reward analysis 

  • Budgeting

  • Journals & Stats.

  • Margins and leverage

3 Chart & Price Analysis 

  • Fundamental and technical analysis, macro and micro themes

  • Bonds, Yields, Rate Differentials and why you need to know this

  • Indicators etc., and which ( I think ) are useful and which are not 

  • Price action analysis and how to read a chart to anticipate what might come next

  • How to understand the context of the trade / session

  • Higher and lower time frame analysis

  • Patterns, Levels, entries, exits

  • Trade management


4 Psychology 

  • Understanding yourself and your attitude to risk

  • How to identify destructive habits and correct them

  • How to check whether your issue is your mindset or your method

  • How to control your emotions

  • Developing the right mindset and how to find your niche.  

5 How I trade -  Live Trading 

  • What I do every day, how I set up my charts and plan my trades 

  • Explain why and detail exactly how I select entries, exits and trade management

  • Show and explain my process for trade selection

  • How I frame the context for my trading day

  • Show you the set ups, levels and patterns I look for

  • How to turn what I do into what you do. 

Next step - get in touch. mark@markwogan.com


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