Example Set Ups

Noted below are a few chart examples of the types of trades I look for on an intraday basis. While I post H1 levels on Twitter in my morning briefing, I scalp levels and patterns as price action unfolds during the day. The objective is to show how I look for intraday set ups as the price action unfolds in the context of the day. 

All of this is covered in my one to one training sessions and in my coaching guide.

Example 1:  EurUsd - Mon Morning Trade. Look for Friday high to act as Resistance. This is a H1 example where the H1 high close on the Friday was the key. Checking on the lower time frames gave a 3 tap entry at the level as the H1 could not be broken.


Example 2: Eurusd - Intrday PA trade. A set up emerged as an intraday H & S pattern. Patterns have to be taken in context but the price action on the lower time frames usually gives you the chance to make 10 to 20 pips for a scalp trade.  

Example 3: Eurusd - A full days Price Action Trading. The chart below shows how I read the pa during the day to frame my scalp trades. Previous day, week highs and lows form the basis of S & R along with intraday S & R as it develops. 


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