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                     Daily EURUSD Briefing & Performance 

From September 2018 to August 2019 I wrote a daily diary on the eurusd for www.thearmchairtrader.com. The aim was to set out each day the levels I was looking to trade together with a macro overview and analysis of the likely direction of the instrument. I also wanted an independent record of performance - see below. I no longer write this article (purely due to time constraints) and now focus solely on trading the German Dax. 

Here are a few examples of the Daily Diary entries

             Using the 5min chart to                                  I said you were only supposed                          The Ryder Cup and the EurUsd

              take indraday entries.                                      to blow the bloody doors off                                            01 10 18

                      03 10 18                                                                  02 10 18

Below is an example of the type of chart I posted each morning.


The performance noted below was for the first 6 months of 2019 which I´ve shown here to indicate how taking a methodological approach to trading the instrument paid off. The data are pips achieved (green positive and red being negative). The key point here is to understand that once you understand your chosen instrument ( and I strongly recommend sticking to one or very few instruments), it is possible to achieve excellent results.

While the results speak for themselves, they are (and were) limited to trading on a very conservative basis with a model strategy aimed at traders who could not be at their screens full time. I used the hourly (and above) charts only and the results subsequently did not reflect the day trading opportunities that arise each day if you are able to take them on a much more short term basis. 


The same can be done on any instrument and as mentioned above I have now switched to the Dax with equally strong performance.