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To Buy or Not to Buy?

A bit bored as a bit quiet with my magic lines at the moment when a few thoughts re risk sprang to mind. So got into my thinking gear and......

A Traders Dilemma!!

So, should I be long risk, is it a good bet?

Am I going to win or just get in debt?

Should I run with the bulls as many have said?

And look to the future and forget the red?

Just jump in now while it’s still charging

Even if it means buying on margin?

I´m not so sure. There´s bound to be a turn

And what happens then is my concern.

I know the Banks are long Fang and tax cuts

But if they stop it’ll not be theirs but my nuts

stuck in the vice squeezed tighter and tighter

and all the while my account getting lighter!

While my gut says do it – I’ve a strong aversion

cos at some point we´ll get a mean reversion

And the bears will wake and frighten old Taurus

And start using my money to wipe their arses?

And then what …, Holy shit and B´ Jasus!

So I´ll stay flat and remain a bit cautious.

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