Dax40 weekly review 25. 07. 2022 - 29. 07. 2022

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Dax40. 25 07 2022. (click on charts to expand)

Before After

Not been at my desk today but I see I´ve not missed much. Quiet "ish" day heading into big US earnings and the Fed on Weds. Notes where decent trades set up are on charts.

Dax40. 26 07 2022. (click on charts to expand)

Before After

Fairly narrow range price action day while we wait for the FOMC tomorrow. However there were still tradable set ups from S zones I posted prior to the open. We had a 1st test of S at 130 which gave us around 70 points to trade long before turning and then Dax fell and tested better S at 13060 which gave us a long opportunity of around 80 points. Whichever way you managed the trades, there was around a total of 100 plus points just from trading known pre set levels. More gas scare spikes made it a bit precarious at times !!

Dax40. 27 07 2022. (click on charts to expand)

Before After

We got what we pretty much expected today - not much at all :). Fed days are typically tough to trade with poor price action until the event is done and dusted. However there were a few scalps to be had from evolving structure using pre set levels and ref points such as the opening price level, the previous days cash close (pcc) and the pre mkt low (pml). Add in a few trend lines to help guide your thinking and there you go. I had 2 trades today 1 loser at the open and 1 winner from the second red circle on the chart then took the rest of the day off to do other stuff. Lets see what Jerome and his pals give us this evening in the Fomc press conference and rates statement and we´ll go again tomorrow:)

Dax40. 28 07 2022. (click on charts to expand)

Before After

After my tech issues at the open where I missed the 1st 2 fades there was still plenty of opportunity to bag some good points. everything noted into the above after chart are trades from known pre set levels and evolving pa using fibs and structure. Hope you had a good one :) Over 250 points available points to be had !

Dax40. 29 07 2022. (click on charts to expand)

Before After

Money on the long side today while Dax made a slow grind upwards. We had a few opportunities to get on board the first being the 1st test of S right at the open. The second was a long opp from the 1st test of the trend line. We also had a short opp from 1st test of R. On the whole longs had it for the day.

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