How to Trade

 " Mark, thanks for your help with my trading. I bought your book hoping it would help me get some clarity and consistency to my trading. It certainly has and I find myself referring back to it every few days to remind me of  how I should be thinking."  

John P. Australia

" Mark, your book on trading is the best I have read. Along with Jim Dalton´s book on Market Profile, it has helped me more than any other. thanks."   Pawel G. Poland

Day Trading Book Details (updated Jan 2022)

 Over 180 pages of condensed, practical ´how to´ information, charts and trading knowledge covering:


  •  Basics and Core Concepts of Trading.

  •  Risk and Money Management.

  •  Fundamental, Technical, Chart, Pattern and Price Analysis.

  •  Trading Psychology & Mindset - The ´Mental´ game.

  •  Trading Process, Method and Strategy.

I´ve written this step by step ´how to´ guide for newer traders to learn the ropes and provide them with a profitable strategy and for existing traders to improve their performance. It covers everything in my 1 to 1 coaching sessions and builds from the ground up to provide a comprehensive understanding of how to become a successful day trader. It is full of charts, examples, concepts and set ups and ends with a detailed explanation of my own day trading method that you can copy, adapt and use from day one.


I´ve left out wordy paragraphs and formatted it to focus on the essentials of what you need to know and do to make money as a trader. It is not expensive as education goes in this business but please don´t mistake price for value. It might be low cost but it´s high quality.


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