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Trading Manual Details

165 pages of condensed ´how to´ knowledge, charts and information covering:


  1.  Basics and Core Concepts of Forex and Index Futures trading.

  2.  Risk and Money Management.

  3.  Fundamental, Technical, Chart, Pattern and Price Analysis.

  4.  Trading Psychology & Mindset.

  5.  Trading Process, Method and Strategy.

I´ve written this step by step ´how to´ manual for both newer traders to learn the ropes and get started on the right path and for existing traders to improve their performance and sharpen their edge. It covers everything in my 1 to 1 sessions with individual clients. It is full of charts, examples, concepts and set ups and ends with a detailed explanation of my day trading method and strategy you can copy, adapt and use from day one. I´ve left out wordy paragraphs and formatted it to focus on the essentials of what you need to know and do to make money as a trader.


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