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Mark's knowledge and ability to explain his principles in detail is second to none. This is not a get rich quick scheme and only by putting his techniques into practice on a daily basis can help you make consistent profits. Mark answers questions on Skype/Zoom or by email very quickly and is more than approachable. The strategy based on price action is extremely useable and logical and can provide regular profits if you're prepared to put in the time and effort.

Jonathan UK

Many thanks for the training course and 1-1 time spent with you. Lots of
really great and useful information, without using dozens of indicators
– just what I needed.

The written material is a fabulous reference tool and the ongoing chats
on Skype have been invaluable.

I would recommend your course to anyone who is serious about making
sense of the trading world.

Paul UK

I was really fed up with all the different sites offering trading courses with no real value. I have spent quite a bit of money over the years, and I was still struggling to become profitable. I really wanted to find someone who not only teaches but actually uses his/her own method to trade as well. I already knew a fair bit about the basics of technical analysis but I struggled with drawing support and resistance lines as it often can get confusing. With Mark’s method it’s much clearer now and he also teaches you how to find opportunities when price gets near those levels. The course material is very well laid out, the method is simple and easy to implement, a no BS approach. No fancy indicators, only price action and the pre-drawn levels.


Also Mark has a trading room which is in a trial period, but it already provides tremendous value as you can hear his commentary, and get feeedback on your own trade ideas as well. Apart from keeping you out of bad trades it is also a great way to get an insight into a real trader’s thought process. This is as close to one-to-one mentoring as you can get, with a true professional.

Highly recommended.

Laszlo Hungary

I really enjoyed the time spent with Mark, His material is very simple and straight to the point, not a bunch of indicators and complicated concepts. The line charts really makes it simple for you to view the patterns in the chart. Market Psychology is very import and Mark was able to help me see things I am doing wrong and struggling in my trading, and helped me come up with a plan to fix my bad habits. I recommend Mark's One on One, it will be very helpful if you are struggling in your trading. Mark is a true professional and a great mentor.


Tiago USA



"Highly recommended tutoring with Mark where u can join the world of trading (from basics) by the hand of a real trader. If you are expecting a holy grail of trading he is not the one who is going to tell u but instead of that u will get the secret of trading... and the real secret is that there is not a secret. This course with Mr Wogan is going to make u develop as a person and as a trader. He teach very simple way of reading charts without expensive indicators or fancy things, just a naked chart, price action and key levels. That simple, that profitable! Also important points of psychology which u need to control of yourself taught... I just can say thanks for the time u spend with me and good trading for all of u."


Carlos Spain 

"Mark has been a great mentor and his experience and insight into FX trading has been extremely valuable! I like his clear cut, no-nonsense approach to teaching which has given me plenty of unique methods to use in my own trading to get tangible results. Unlike many other “FX trading gurus” out there, Mark is actually a trader who knows what he´s talking about and shares his knowledge generously not for the love of making money from it. An important distinction in my opinion. "


Ian S. Africa




Your course presentation was very professional and well structured. I understood the content and now understand the basics. If possible I would suggest spending more time on the strategy with as much live trading as possible so that I be able to do what I know in practice.  I think what we need as learning traders is for someone to hold our hands  go through trade entry, management (psychology) and then exit for a few days to build our confidence. I like your approach and method so definitely keen to master it and use it mainly for my trading.


    Mxolisi Australia


"Mark, enjoying the tutorials we have had so far... as you know I´ve mostly been a fundamental trader in the past and have found your own trading strategies and insights into the more price action / technical side very beneficial so far. Has opened my eyes to different ways of being profitable. Look forward to our next session.."


Trevor Ireland

I couldn't have asked for a better testimonial than Bob Dylan parting with his own cash for a pair of my shoes.

Patrick Cox

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